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  1. Dear Maria,
    I am a Dutch translator.
    At the moment I am translating some stories by Marko Vovchok. I translate those stories from Russian into Dutch.
    I use your translation into English as a kind of support. Now I would like the story that is in you book with the title: ‘Lazy Bones. Could tell me what the Russian title is, as I cannot find it in Vovchok’s collected works.
    I would be very grateful if you could answer my question.

    1. Hello Eva!

      It’s always great to meet a fellow translator. There aren’t enough Ukrainian works out there – glad you are working on this. The original story by Marko Vovchok you are referring to was titled with a Ukrainian idiom, which literally translates to “Lazy woman”. Both in Russian and in Ukrainian, it’s one word. The Ukrainian word is “Ледащиця”. I hope this helps!

      1. Dear Maria,
        I am so glad that you answered my letter. I wish I could translate from Ukranian into Dutch, but I can’t and my question is whether there is a Russian translation of this story with the English title ‘Lazybones’.

        If not, then I will choose another story by her in Russian. I have already translated a few stories written by her and in the end these stories will be published in Amsterdam. It’s a small publishing house and bookshop specialized in Eastern European books. It’s called ‘Pegasus’.

        Kind regards,
        Eva van Santen

        1. Hello Eva,

          I translated directly from Ukrainian. My best guess for a Russian title would be “Ленивица”. But I can’t be certain, since I don’t have the Russian version.

          I hope this helps. Best of luck.

          Maria K.

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