Moonlit Tales of the Macabre – anthology 04


“Never talk to strangers,” says Mikhail Bulgakov in the opening chapter of “The Master and Margarita”. “Never talk to strange women,” we say in the latest installment of Moonlit Tales of the Macabre, “especially if what they offer appears to be entirely outside of the realm of reality or sanity.”

Enjoy this new collection of strange and terrifying tales by Russian and Ukrainian authors, as they take you into the world of dark sorcery and mind-bending magic.

This collection includes the following works:

  • Viy by Nikolai Gogol
  • The Gray Automobile by Alexander Grin
  • The Sylph by Vladimir Odoyevsky
  • The Mistress of the Copper Mountain by Pavel Bazhov
  • The Malachite Box by Pavel Bazhov
  • Ghosts by Ivan Turgenev