Russian Collection for Kids: volume 3 – Not Quite Russian Collection


The first installment of Russian Collection for Kids dealt with odd places and creatures. Volume two went all around the world exploring the various professions and lives of fascinating animals. Most of all, both volumes comprised the works of Russian authors.

In volume three, we look beyond the borders of Russia. This collection includes fifteen folk tales – one from each of the former Soviet Republics, each with its own unique traditions and storytelling style.

This collection includes the following works:

  • The Witch and The Sun’s Sister, Russia
  • Ivan and the Wonder Book, Ukraine
  • The Golden Apple Tree, Belarus
  • Daphin and Vestra, Moldova
  • The Forbidden Knot, Estonia
  • How A Shepherd Boy Became a King, Latvia
  • Seven Ravens, Lithuania
  • Itygil, Kazakhstan
  • Three Swans with Black Wings, Kyrgyzstan
  • A Warrior and the Simurg Bird, Tajikistan
  • A Dream for Sale, Turkmenistan
  • Adopted Brother, Uzbekistan
  • A Poor Man and Three Pomegranates, Georgia
  • A Gold-Haired Maiden, Armenia,
  • A Tale of a Wise Woman, Azerbaizhan