Russian Collection for Kids: volume 5 – Not at All Russian Collection


The fifth and final installment of Russian Collection for Kids goes well and truly outside of the boundaries of Russia and all over the world. Folk tales and stories by foreign authors, narratives from various continents, fanciful and fascinating storylines, people, places, and animals – everything has been thrown in and mixed thoroughly in this comprehensive collection, bound to astonish and delight both children and grownups.

This collection includes the following works:

  • Golden Hair by Pavel Bazhov, Russia
  • A Living Man in the Kingdom of the Dead – Nepal Folk Tale
  • A Thief and a Sorcerer – Angola Folk Tale
  • The Blue Beard by Charles Perrault, France
  • A Man from a Jug – Japanese Folk Tale
  • A Magical Peacock – Indian Folk Tale
  • Beloved Sister by Astrid Lindgren, Sweden
  • A Hawk and a Cat – Egyptian Folk Tale
  • Where Tides Come From – Indonesian Folk Tale
  • A Christmas Guest by Selma Lagerlief, Sweden
  • The Spirit of Poverty by Myoko Matsutani, Japan
  • Two Neighbors – Khmer Folk Tale
  • Three Brothers – Tanzanian Folk Tale
  • Sirenide by Gianni Rodari, Italy
  • How a Badger Turned into a Teapot by Myoko Matsutani, Japan
  • Aoolva Ulvhildur – Icelandic Folk Tale
  • Faralahi, the Wealthy Heir – Madagascar Folk Tale
  • A Gardener and His Masters by Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark
  • Miss Universe with Dark-Green Eyes by Gianni Rodari, Italy
  • A Clever Girl – Albanian Folk Tale
  • Strawberries under the Snow – Japanese Folk Tale
  • Ricke the Crest by Charles Perrault, France
  • A Golden Turtle – Laotian Folk Tale
  • Vermland Legend by Selma Lagerlief, Sweden
  • Cotton – Iranian Folk Tale
  • A Smart Woman – Tajik Folk Tale
  • A Thistle’s Fate by Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark